An estimated 40% of dental practices experience

Fraud and Embezzlement yearly.
Which side of the 40% are YOU on?



Embezzlement Investigation

Through our embezzlement investigation, Brytan & Associates manages the unknown for you confidentially to help protect your reputation and image.

Proven Business Systems Review for Dental Practices

For 20 years Brytan & Associates, through proven embezzlement investigation, has provided the answers to some of the most disconcerting concerns doctors have had about possible fraud, embezzlement, waste, and abuse through our proven embezzlement investigation. The majority of practice owners believe their team members are trustworthy and dedicated to the welfare of the business. Generally, they are right. But sometimes trust isn’t enough to ensure honest behavior. Sometimes people become desperate and do things they normally would never do, and when that happens most doctors are caught completely off guard.

Clients choose to work with us because of our “Boots on the Ground” experience in hundreds of dental practices across the United States and Canada. We provide extensive knowledge of practice operations from the front desk to the back door in order to enable doctors to achieve their goals for exceptional patient care, worry-free employment relationships, and finally a well-deserved retirement.


Assess your level of risk for fraud, embezzlement,
practice management waste, and/or abuse.

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