Embezzlement: Can’t Happen to Me! …Or Can It?

Proven Business Systems for
Increased Protection and Profit in Your Practice


dental fraudIt’s not possible to stop dental embezzlement, fraud, waste and abuse entirely. However, practice owners can (and should) learn techniques for risk reduction, how to recognize the early warning signs, action steps to take, and how to act on concerns for dental embezzlement.

Drawing from 20+ years’ experience, Bryant Truitt, CFE shares insights into the critical situations that can affect the business side of the practice(s) that should be reviewed to determine the next action steps before experiencing a loss. Attendees will receive a Vulnerability Index for assessing risk factors and will review techniques that can be implemented in the practice to lower risk.

dental-boxBryant infuses each interactive, open format presentation with passion, fun, and actual cases while customizing the topic to meet the specific needs and questions of the audience. New schemes and old ones with new angles are appearing daily with the sole purpose of creating opportunities for misapplication, misappropriation, and inappropriate activity. Attend this fast- paced, hard hitting course to gain knowledge of practice operations that can assist doctors in achieving their goals for exceptional patient care, worry-free team member relationships, and a well-deserved retirement.

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Bonus Topic!

What You Should Know BEFORE Selling a Dental Practice


dental fraudTransitioning the practice without a Certified Fraud Examiner’s thorough review of business systems is an invitation for trouble. Should the new buyer determine there is dental fraud, abuse, waste or neglect which was not disclosed prior to the sale, the new buyer is within legal rights to sue.

In this add-on topic, Bryant Truitt, CFE shares insights into critical due diligence procedures that can affect the selling vs. staying decision. They should be reviewed to determine the best course of action BEFORE your final decision. Attendees will receive an invaluable checklist to implement in the practice to aid in their decision process.

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