Nonprofits: Major Fraud Target. Why?


Fraud Assessment for Nonprofit Leadership


nonprofit embezzlementWith over one million nonprofits in the United States, it is no surprise that nonprofits are increasing as major targets for fraud, embezzlement, waste, and abuse just behind publicly traded companies, and in front of government entities. In recent years, major nonprofit frauds have been reported by AARP, Columbia University, American Cancer Society, the Episcopal Church and thousands of others.

Nonprofit leadership can protect against fraud, nonprofit embezzlement, waste and abuse in their organizations. Drawing from 20+ years’ experience, Bryant Truitt, CFE shares techniques for risk reduction, how to recognize the early warning signs, action steps to take, and how to act on concerns of nonprofit fraud. Attendees will receive a Vulnerability Index for assessing risk factors and will review techniques that can be implemented in the nonprofit to lower the risk.

nonprofit-boxBryant infuses each interactive, open format presentation with passion, fun, and actual case examples while customizing the topic to meet the specific needs and questions of the audience. New schemes and old ones with new angles are appearing daily with the sole purpose of creating opportunities for misapplication, misappropriation, and inappropriate activity. Attend this fast-paced, hard hitting course to learn the “trust but verify” prevention techniques that can dramatically reduce the risk of loss for your nonprofit. Too many times leadership believes it could not happen to them, however nonprofit fraud is all too real, and can devastate the reputation, efficiency, and profitability of your nonprofit.

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