Practice Professional Management Functions

*Practice size can determine overlap or separation of responsibilities

*Practice size can determine overlap or separation of responsibilities


A professional dental practice integrates six management functions – not just the one you love the most – delivering the highest level of patient care.

Brytan & Associates provides due diligence of all 6 functions through our healthcare systems reviews.

Why do we recommend it?
  • For compliance, security, and profitability
  • For protection against fraud, embezzlement, waste, & abuse
Who needs to conduct due diligence healthcare systems reviews?
  • Practioners with growing businesses with profits to protect
  • Practioners considering selling their business to know how to make it more valuable by identifying and fixing problems
  • Unfortunately, practioners who have been accused of wrongdoing or have seen profits disappear
We assist your practice with evaluation, recommendations, implementation, training and oversight of:
  • Business Operations Management
  • Internal Control Systems
  • Health Care Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIA’s)
  • Practice Management Software
  • Merger and Purchase Due Diligence
Our unique 5-step approach works with you quietly and discreetly to:
  • Detect hidden profitability and compliance vulnerabilities and area(s) for criminal activities in your practice.
  • Correct areas of concern by working with you to help achieve compliance with healthcare laws and/or regulations.
  • Present techniques to help protect your practice from future losses.
  • Recommend criminal prosecution methods to recover your property and/or assets.
  • Address protection of your name, reputation and patient goodwill.
The Brytan Profitability Protection™ system includes:
  • Brytan Vulnerability Index™ – An early warning detection system.
  • 5-Minute Daily Audit System™ – Designed specifically for service providers and healthcare practitioners.
  • Brytan Remediation System™ – examines the root cause of earnings and asset losses, provides recommendations for changes to policies, procedures and long term strategies. Discretely assists agencies that handle proven parties who execute fraud, embezzlement,waste and/or abuse.
  • Brytan Asset Monitoring System™ – Monitoring for indications of misappropriation and/or misapplication of assets in your major business systems, when required.

Resources are available for healthcare law, auditing standards, applied statistics and expert witness.


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